You will be contacted one to two days prior to surgery unless otherwise notified by your doctor’s office. If this is inconvenient or if we are unable to reach you, it is important for you to call 929-7229 prior to your arrival. This is to confirm the date and arrival time for your surgery, discuss preoperative instructions, review your medical history, discuss financial responsibilities you may have the day of surgery, and answer any questions you may have about your surgery.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our receptionist, who will assist you with registration. IT WILL GREATLY EXPEDITE YOUR ADMITTING PROCESS IF YOU WILL COMPLETE THE PRE-REGISTRATION AND PATIENT MEDICAL HISTORY FORMS (found in Patient Forms) PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL.

Although it is never anticipated, you may experience an unexpected delay prior to the actual performance of your procedure. This might occur for a variety of reasons; however, whatever the nature of the delay, we will make every attempt to keep you informed as to the cause of the delay and of a revised time frame for your surgery. Please remember that if at any time you are concerned about a delay you are experiencing, you are encouraged to address these concerns to any member of the Surgery Center Staff.

After registering, the nurse will escort you to the pre-operative area where you will be asked to read and sign a surgical consent form and answer questions regarding your medical history. In the case of a minor child, the surgical consent must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Parents of a minor child must remain in the facility during surgery. You will be asked to change into a surgical gown and you will be assisted onto a preoperative bed. If you are having a general anesthetic, your anesthesiologist will meet you and review your overall health and medical history. It is important to provide the anesthesiologist with the names of any medication you have been taking.

When your surgeon is ready you will be taken to the operating room. If your family is waiting, we will keep them informed regarding your progress and when your surgery is completed. It is important that your family let the receptionist know if they plan to wait or leave and when they return, as your surgeon may want to talk with them following your surgery.

After your surgery, you will go to the recovery room for approximately one hour. When you are awake and recovered enough to go home, you will dress, be assisted to a wheelchair and escorted to your transportation. If you are participating in our 23 Hour Stay Program, you will be discharged home within 23 hours from your time of admission to the Surgery Center. YOU MUST ARRANGE FOR A RESPONSIBLE FRIEND OR RELATIVE TO DRIVE YOU HOME FOLLOWING YOUR SURGERY IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY FORM OF GENERAL, IV OR ORAL SEDATION OR PAIN RELIEF. You will not be permitted to leave alone following surgery. If you must take a taxi home you will be required to have a friend or relative with you. It is not safe to care for a child who has had surgery while you are trying to drive a car. Please arrange to have another adult along on the ride home. The ONLY exception to this ride home policy relates to ADULT patients having surgery with just local infiltration of medications at the site of their surgery. These patients (who receive NO pain pills, pain shots, epidural injections, or anesthesia) may be discharged WITHOUT an accompanying adult and may drive themselves home.


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